About Indo Pacific Centre

About Us

The Indo-Pacific Centre (IPC) is a policy and business consultancy, with specialisation in facilitating international companies to build links and promote cooperation and investments across the Indo-Pacific region. The Indo-Pacific Centre concentrates on organising high-level conferences and summits in the economies across all Indo-Pacific nations.

The Indo-Pacific Centre has been founded in Singapore to provide an independent platform for facilitating definitive linkages, developing partnerships and accelerating relationships between stakeholders within the Indo-Pacfic region. 

There is no single definition for the Indo-Pacific, but rather a belief of a system that brings together nations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, across South Asia, East Asia and Oceania to operate within a single unified, coherent and interdependent economic and geopolitical structure . 

The Indo-Pacific Centre acts as the public policy affiliate of Global Law Alliance, a Singapore-based law firm with over 20 years experience in corporate and commercial law and extensive connections with various entities in the Indo- Pacific region. 

The Rise of the Indo-Pacific Region

Since 2011, the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ and its associated regional economic corridors have been revived and widely cited by governments and those in policymaking circles. There has been a renewed interest by American, Japanese and Indian governments on the Indo-Pacific as a means to promote intraregional trade and economic partnerships.

In 1995, Mr C. Gunasingham, former High Commissioner to Singapore from Sri Lanka, Senior Fellow at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies of Singapore and former Economic Advisor to Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayawardena founded the Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies in Singapore. A selection of his works can be found here.

We endeavour that the Indo-Pacific Centre will act as a revival of Mr. C. Gunasingham’s vision, to facilitate existing and potential linkages in the trade, economic and security arenas of the Indo-Pacific region. 


With the intention to promote regionalism in the Indo-Pacific, there must be a push beyond bilateral strategies to promote business links and cooperation. If you are looking to connect with key businesses and policymakers in Singapore or the Indo-Pacific region, contact us to see what we can do for you.